Wedding Cake is the offspring of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie – 2 amazing super famous strains. Energized but relaxed is the call sign of a great hybrid and that’s what this strains delivers. Creativity is maxed out yet leaves you still able to calmly operate and coast thru any great idea that might come to you under the influence of this potent flower’s essence. The key to this trait being it’s ability to ease anxiety.

The nose and taste on this refill is for lack of a better word, scrumptious. Not to say that this is meant to taste like wedding cake but to be perfectly honest, this refill kind of tastes like a wedding cake. OK, maybe it doesn’t taste like a wedding cake but it does taste delicious with it’s sweet undertones and tasty almost sugary flavour.

Another trait this strain is known for is its pain relieving qualities. Not meant for heavy pain relief, this strain still has the ability to take care of minor aches and tension.

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